Welcome to TRANSTEC 2016

The 13th International Exhibition & 5th International Conference on Russian Ports and Shipping
4 – 6 October 2016, St Petersburg, Russia

TRANSTEC 2016 welcomes participants to explore Russian Ports and Shipping development opportunities.  The Programme covers strategic linking of sea, river, coastal and shipping with the rail, road and air transport infrastructure in the Russian Federation, with focus on the Arctic and Northern Sea Route.
With more than 60% of Russian foreign trade carried by sea transport, the priorities are to increase port capacity, construct new port facilities, develop road / rail infrastructure and superstructure in approaches to ports and to develop logistics centres, presenting the International community with an open door to participate and benefit from these massive redevelopments.

To register your interest to participate in the TRANSTEC 2016 Programme as an Exhibitor, Media Partner, Sponsor, Advertiser, Speaker, Delegate or Visitor, please contact the Organisers, Dolphin Exhibitions Limited: +44 (0) 1449 741 801.

ASOP & NENETS Region Sign historic agreement during TRANSTEC 2014

TRANSTEC Programme Supporting Organisations: